Hiring Success Certification

Now that you've watched all the lessons, you are ready to become Hiring Success Certified! With an 80% success score, you will receive your Hiring Success Certified badge and SHRM and HRCI credentials.

Lesson 1

Hiring Success Overview:
The Future of Work

Question #1 The Hiring Success Business Assessment evaluates your business on how many of the following subject areas?

Question #2 Companies with a HIGH Hiring Velocity and a LOW Net Hiring Score are usually practicing which of the following recruitment models?

Question #3 Which of the following best describes how to calculate Net Hiring Score?

Lesson 2

Evaluating Hiring Success

Question #4 It is critical to assess your foundation across what three areas?

Question #5 What is the the 4th level of the Hiring Success Maturity Model?

Question #6 The results of the Business assessment should last how long?

Lesson 3

Build Your Strategy

Question #7 Under the Talent Scarcity-Impact Framework, a "Specialist" sits in which category?

Question #8 Which of the following areas has the biggest impact on new hire retention?

Question #9 Automated screening tools significantly improve __________ and remove __________.

Lesson 4

Transform Your Business

Question #10 When do you spend most time on Stakeholder alignment?

Question #11 In what direction can you influence a Influencial Opponent?

Question #12 Going through the phases of change, what phase is assosiated with the 'commitment threshold'?

Lesson 5

Optimize Your Success

Question #13 What three teams support you during hypercare?

Question #14 Which data point can help you make a compelling case for increased recruiting budget?

Question #15 What is the most mature type of analytics?