Talent Acquisition 2021: How to optimize TA for Hiring Success outcomes

On-demand webinar

If you found yourself struggling to meet the challenges 2020 threw at your Talent Acquisition (TA) function, you are not alone. Many TA leaders dealt with higher candidate volumes, internal mobility requirements, a switch to mobile recruiting, and more. And many realized that the TA technology they had in place did not rise to the challenge. But with budgets cut and businesses in maintenance mode, how would you even go about asking for deep change like tech stack modernization, now of all times?

In this live session, CEOs Daniel Sines (of Traitify) and Jerome Ternynck (SmartRecruiters) will explore the best way to secure executive buy-in and budget for solutions that can transform the way you hire.

Watch to examine the business case for modern Talent Acquisition technology from two angles:

  • The cold hard facts: What return on investment can you expect from new technology and change management - and how do you calculate it? Think: Candidate screening & experience, recruiter productivity, and downstream impact of right-fit hires.
  • The strategic outcomes: What role will Talent Acquisition play in the long-term success of your business venture? And how do you package this for a conversation with your CFO?