10 Years, 10 Million Jobs

SmartRecruiters has come a long way since I started the company in 2010, and our mission to fix recruiting and connect people to jobs remains the same. From 1 R&D center in Poland, to 7 remote-friendly hubs around the world and 10 Million jobs created, the last 10 years have been quite a ride.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, investors, and team. None of the milestones below are possible without you. And special thanks to the 60 Million candidates who trust SmartRecruiters to embark on a new chapter of their lives. We will continue to deliver Hiring Success to the world.

Best wishes for 2021 and beyond,

signature Jerome Ternynck
Founder & CEO, SmartRecruiters

Number of jobs posted 1,000

SmartRecruiters founded

Why are applicant tracking systems built like glorified digital filing cabinets that don't actually attract and hire great people? There must be a better way, so our Chief Smartian, Jerome Ternynck, set out to fix recruiting and connect people to jobs at scale.


Coding with care

The recruitment tech ecosystem is vast! We kept our heads down and focused on R&D for nearly 4 years, investing in thousands of development hours to build a robust product + an integrated marketplace to make hiring easy.


Modern & engaging

An account is needed for job applications? That's so 2010! We decided to rethink candidate experience, bringing 1-Click Apply to recruiting and simple career sites without IT. It paid off: Applicant conversion skyrocketed by 6X!!


A connected ecosystem

We launched the first version of the SmartRecruiters software in January 2015. The selling point? A marketplace of 100+ solutions (first of its kind in talent acquisition) with a free ATS at the center of it all.

Hiring is a team sport

You can't achieve hiring succcess without hiring manager engagement. Team collaboration in-product became a priority and we released the Hireloop, Interview Scorecards, and the industry's first mobile hiring app.

Our hiring managers say SmartRecruiters is the best technology choice Red Wing Shoes has ever made as a company. The time saved in attracting and selecting quality candidates is instantly evident, and team satisfaction continues to be overwhelmingly positive.
We were recruiting individually for each office, with no central system in place. Since implementing SmartRecruiters, we have centralized all recruitment and the system allows us to easily manage all roles, regardless of location.

Flexible & global

It's game time in the big leagues. Working with more enterprise companies meant deeper configuration, customization, and scalability requirements. We were determined to make admin settings self-serviceable at a global & local level.


Hiring Success community is born

TA leaders from around the world gathered for the inaugural Hiring Success conference to define and shape the future of recruiting. Attendees shared a common vision to transform the industry and enjoyed sharing best practices and building connections.


Committed to TA

We believe every company, no matter their size and budget, deserves to compete for the best talent. SmartStart was made available to businesses hiring ≤10 roles at any given time at $0 cost. To be robust partners, we scaled up our TA suite to support 37 user languages and GDPR compliance.


Talent Acquisition Suite

Three sourcing & marketing products were added to the SmartRecruiters suite. SmartAssistant introduced the industry's first intelligent job<>talent matching. SmartCRM enabled nurturing of ATS-connected talent pools, and SmartJobs put an ad agency inside of the ATS .

SmartRecruiters is scalable and can be used whether you're a startup or a large enterprise.
With SmartMessage, our candidates are much more engaged and respond much faster than before.

Upleveling the industry

The Hiring Success methodology was formalized based on years of lessons learned from successes and failures with our customers. We released the Definitive Guide and Jerome topped it by publishing a book! A community of 130,000 people joined HiringSuccess.com to celebrate.


Reverse Recruiting

Reverse Recruiting brought together hundreds of customer volunteers to help 1000 under privileged candidates get hired. Special rates were formalized for not for profit organizations. 1% equity was given back to charities.


What’s next?

Change is the only constant, and thankfully we were remote-ready. SmartRecruiters was named the worldwide leader in the IDC MarketScape. SmartMessage was launched for text messaging, SmartPal for chatbots.

We made a commitment this year to be an industry leader in minimizing discrimination and eradicating racism in recruitment. We took two key steps by introducing our 10 Principles of Diversity Recruitment and hiring our CDO. We will continue to be transparent with our progress and initiatives.

You are who you hire

Our customers understand that who you hire defines everything. If you hire the right talent, your business will soar. Our vision is the same as when we started - to connect people to jobs at scale by making hiring as easy as possible. We look forward to partnering with you on your Hiring Success journey for the next decade and beyond!

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